First Time Home Buyer Beverly MA

Bay of BeverlyAre you looking to buy a home in Beverly MA?

Located along Massachusett’s scenic North Shore, Beverly MA is a coastal town rich in history and culture. ¬†Often debated with Marblehead as the birthplace of the United States Navy, Beverly MA is also known as the location of the start of the American Industrial Revolution. Beverly is home to the first armed schooner and the first cotton mill in the US. Later on, the coastal town became a summer resort for city dwellers in the 1800’s and many of the buildings built in this time are still standing and in use.

Beverly also offers plenty of green space and unique charm in a sophisticated family friendly environment. Beverly MA is the perfect place if you are looking to raise a family. With just a short commute to downtown Boston via the train located in the center of the town, this town is perfect for any commuter. Beverly has a population of 39,796 and the median single family home price is around $355,000.

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